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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Designs That Invite Excitement

When it comes to your home’s garden, there are plenty of clever ways that you can change up its overall appearance. Instead of the standard path of stones, consider branching out and exploring other design options that might invite excitement.

Finding Rocks That Truly Rock

When you begin a project in your garden, there are several things that you should keep in mind. The correct rocks, for example, can make all the difference between a lackluster garden and one that captures the energy of your spirit. Here are a few things to consider when trying to find the right rocks for you.

An important thing to consider with rocks for your garden is the overall consistency of the rocks. Do you want large stones or are you looking for something more akin to decomposed granite? Both offer a unique set of advantages and stylistic finishes. Take time to think about this in order to make the right decision.


You always want to make sure you stay in your budget for DIY projects. To do this, make sure to weigh out difference price options while exploring materials. Don’t spend your entire budget in one place, and find a bunch of materials that will work without breaking the bank.


Not all rocks will work in all places. Speak with the right professionals to make sure you choose a variety of rock that works in the climate where your home is located.

When you discover the right materials for your garden DIY project, everything will begin to take form. Visit this website for more information on finding rock products in Santa Cruz.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Choosing the Right Stone Product for Your Landscape

Stonework can add a striking quality to your landscape. However, not all stones are alike. When planning your next landscape design, take into consideration some of the ways you can use stone. Do you want to lay down a paved walking path? Line your flowerbeds and shrubbery? Retaining wall? Depending on the job you want to do, some stone products are better suited than others. Keeping that in mind, here are some tips on what to look for when searching for high quality stone products for your yard.

First of all,decide on your project. The way you plan to use stone will restrict the varieties you can use. For instance, tri-colored slate may work well as pathway tiling, but it is a poor retaining wall material, for which ledgestone is a better choice. Perhaps you wish to create a creek bed. What are the common river stones in your area, and which of those are easiest to work with? Bear in mind these kinds ofquestions when selecting your materials.

Another decisionyou need to make is whether to use natural or cultured stone. Cultured stone, as the name implies, is a man-made concrete composite. While perhaps not the most aesthetically pleasing, cultured stone does have many convenient architectural qualities, making it anexcellent building material. Natural stone on the other hand gives a more “authentic” look, but is more difficult to work with. There is no fixed rule for selecting natural over cultured stone products, or vice versa; it’s all dependent upon the kind of look you wish to achieve with your stone landscape.

The most important advice to follow in choosing the right stone is that you want to look for products that you like. Ultimately, your stonework choice comes down to aesthetics. What kinds of colorslook best in your environment? Obviously, different colors achieve different effects. For example, lighter-shade steppingstones on your footpath will stand out more on top of a dark mulch bed than on a gravel driveway. Another consideration you should take into account is whether the stonework complements the surroundings. Does your rock wall match the patio? Do these differently shaded flagstones work together? Again, these are matters of taste, and no one knows your tastes better than you.

Don’t make your stone selection uninformed. Consult with a landscaping supplier to learn more about specific varieties and their optimal uses. If you are in need of stone products in Capitola, click this link for more information.

Landscape Set in Stone

Looking for ways to make your landscape more impressive? Stone-lined walkways add an alluringly sophisticated air to your property. Consult with your landscaping supplier to see what stones will look best in your backyard. 

Have Fun With DIY Landscaping

Your next landscaping project does not have to be a chore. Instead, think of it as an opportunity to explore your creativity and to get friends and family together. With a little bit of inspiration and imagination, you can turn your next DIY landscaping project into a fun and fulfilling experience.

Get Creative

Planning your new landscape design is half of the fun because you can think of interesting ways to enhance your backyard. What kind of landscaping features excite you? Perhaps a meandering steppingstone pathway or a secluded seating area under a tree inspires you. The better you feel about the design the easier and more enjoyable executing the job will be.

Get Everyone Involved

Invite your family, friends, or housemates to assist you with your DIY landscaping project. Working together will help you stay on task while getting in some bonding time, too. Designate a different task to each person, giving everyone a goal to work towards. Conversation will make the time pass more quickly and make the experience more enjoyable. By the end of the day, you and your friends may not realize the amount of work you were able to get done.

Do you need help finding supplies for your next landscaping jobs in Scotts Valley? Information and assistance is available over at this website.